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World Energy Council


The World Energy Council (WEC) is the foremost global multi-energy organisation in the world today. WEC has Member Committees in over 90 countries, including most of the largest energy-producing and energy consuming countries. The 80-year-old organisation covers all types of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, and renewables, and is UN-accredited, non-governmental, non-commercial and non-aligned. WEC is a UK-registered charity headquartered in London. Its objective is the promotion of sustainable supply and energy use to the greatest benefit of all. The WEC therefore addresses our most fundamental need for survival, namely ENERGY.

WEC Information

The WEC mission is carried out through the Objects, which were approved at the WEC's founding in 1924 and modified over the years to keep up with the changing energy industry and the changes within the WEC. The objects as they exist today:
To promote the economic development and the peaceful use of energy resources for the greatest benefit of all, both nationally and internationally by considering:

  • Potential resources and the means of production, transportation, transformation and utilisation of energy
  • Energy consumption in its overall relationship to the growth of economic activity in the area
  • The social and environmental aspects of energy supply and utilisation and by
  • Collecting and publishing data on the abovementioned matters
  • Holding congresses which deal with these matters
  • Rendering maximum assistance to other organisations in the energy field and acting as an organisation for the coordination of information and as a clearinghouse for its exchange
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World Energy Congress

The World Energy Council organizes a world congress every three years. This congress, the premier international multi-energy forum with exhibitors from the field, is an opportunity for participants to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. It brings together approximately 3 500 top world leaders in the field of energy, coming from industry, governments, and international organizations, as well as the media, universities and energy industry associations.


Istanbul, Turkey 2016

The 23rd World Energy Congress will be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey from 9-13 October 2016. The theme for the Congress is "Embracing New Frontiers".

Congress website: www.wec2016istanbul.org.tr

23rd World Energy Congress Istanbul 2016 - Flyer



Preference will be given to SANEA members and employees of SANEA Corporate members


The World Energy Council conducts a number of studies and uses experts nominated by its Member Committees from around the World to assist them in developing these studies.
The three projects that experts are needed for right now are:

  • World Energy Trilemma: Research on optimizing the interaction between centralised and decentralised energy systems; 2017 Index update
  • World Energy Scenarios: Rollout of the existing contents through ‘Scenarios Dialogues’ and deepen the analysis of the Global Scenarios 2016 in selected areas
  • Road to Resilience: Regional resilience dialogues and collection of (regionally) relevant case studies

Please note the definition of Expert is broad - the World Energy Council is looking for input from a number of different sectors and so the definitions of Experts are:

  • Practitioners: subject-matter experts with a minimum of 5-years experience in the private or public sector (typically from strategy teams, regulator, policymakers and so on); commit to active participation and typically are expected to provide relevant case studies
  • Scholars: academics with a minimum of 5-years exposure to theoretical concepts of the subject-matter topic; commit to active participation and typically are expected to provide input into methodology developments and data gathering
  • Young professionals: practitioners and scholars with less than 5-years experience; commit to active participation and typically are expected to provide relevant research or innovation stories
  • Observers: practitioners, scholars, young professionals and others; are not part of the working group, but will typically receive general updates and meeting alerts

If you are in one of the categories of Expert and are interested in participating in and contributing to one of these studies, please look at the Outline of Projects 2017-1. Please Click Here to view the document.

All relevant information on the individual projects, as well as the role and responsibilities of experts is outlined in this document.

After deciding which project you would like to participate in, please use the nomination form (click here for Word document) to indicate the project you are interested in as well as the reasons why you wish to participate. Also, please include the most recent version of your CV.

Your completed nomination form and CV should be sent to me - Dave Wright, SANEA Secretary General at dave.wright275@gmail.com by Wednesday 19 April 2017. No late submissions will be considered.

A SANEA Expert selection committee will then consider the nominations in order to submit a short-list to the World Energy Council, for their consideration. Preference will be given to SANEA members and employees of SANEA Corporate members. For those nominees selected there will be no need for any further paperwork - the nomination forms and CV’s sent to SANEA will be forwarded to the World Energy Council.

The outcome of the SANEA Expert selection committee will be communicated to all those who submitted nominations by 3 May 2017.

The nominees who SANEA forwards to the World Energy Council will then go through a further selection process. Those who are selected by the World Energy Council will be notified by the London office of the World Energy Council.



D W Wright
Secretary General

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