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SANEA Energy Awards 2017
2017 Calendar of Events
Action for Energy: 23 February 2017
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SANEA Energy Awards 2017


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Deadline: 31 MAY 2017

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Please contact me for further guidance on entries, information on attendance at the banquet and award ceremony and sponsorship opportunities:

Sarita Cronjé

Marketing Manager

Cell:+27 (0)83-325-6716


South African National Energy Association (SANEA)

Tel:+27 (0)12 346 2152
C/o Turners Conferences
PO Box 17306, Groenkloof, 0027, South Africa


SANEA Energy Awards 2017
Banquet and Awards Ceremony
15 September 2017

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South Africans love a good party and now is the time to celebrate; a time to join forces in singing the praises of the many South Africans who are using their personal ingenuity to change the face of energy in South Africa. We, the citizens of this great country, know these people because they are changing our lives for the better. We need to shout their names out loud and tell their stories so that they may be an inspiration to those who follow.

We are very pleased that the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) has again chosen to collaborate with SANEA in recognizing these South Africans and their achievements, specifically by promoting awards in the research and innovation sectors.

"Energy People Working Together"

is the rallying cry of SANEA, the South African National Energy Association, as it continues to honour and celebrate the achievements of companies, organizations and individuals that are making an effort to ensure and contribute to a sustained and healthy Energy Sector. Some of these are high profile and have become household names while many are the hard working "behind the scenes" type who quietly get on and deliver. All are important to the development of South Africa.

These are the individuals, organisations and companies that SANEA and SANEDI would like to recognise for their efforts to promote and provide an ongoing and secure energy supply and use for the benefit of all. These are the individuals and organisations that deserve to have their role recorded in the history of the South African Energy Sector. These are the people and organisations that merit nomination for one of the SANEA Energy Awards 2017.

It is these people that we would like to know about. It is these names that we would like to bring forward to thank. It is these to whom we wish to pay our respects.

We depend on you to identify those who are doing amazing things. The achievements may be big or small but all will have done something beyond the ordinary; all will be examples of what can be achieved if we put our minds to it. We look forward to receiving nominations from you.

The finalists and recipients of the awards will be entertained at a prestigious banquet and awards ceremony hosted by SANEA in partnership with SANEDI on the Friday, the 15th of September 2017. This gala event will reflect the significance of the both the awards and the recipients. The awards are designed to generate public, government and business awareness of achievements in the Energy Sector. The aim is to inspire innovation and actions to address future energy needs in a sustained and responsible manner.

Brian A Statham


You are welcome to nominate candidates in more than one category.
Please fill in a separate entry form for each category.

The closing date is Wednesday, 31 MAY 2017.

Submit your nomination/s now!

Please follow these steps to enter:


All award nominations must reach the SANEA offices by close of business on Wednesday, 31 MAY 2017. All nominations will be evaluated by a panel of judges appointed by the Executive Committee of SANEA. The Board of SANEA will make the final decision regarding awards and no further correspondence will be entertained.

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