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Action for Energy: 23 February 2017
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SANEA Action for Energy 2017


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Action For Energy 2017

Open Dialogue on the Primary Energy Mix for Electricity Supply in South Africa

1 Day Open Dialogue on the Primary Energy Mix for Electricity in South Africa
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This event will be endorsed by the SAIEE and has been given a preliminary validation of 1 CPD credit in terms of the ECSA CPD Policy



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South African National
Energy Association

Tel:+27 (0)31 368 8000
Cell:+27 (0)31 368 6623
C/o Turners Conferences
37 Margaret Mncadi Avenue
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Please contact me for further guidance on registration and other event information:

Sarita Cronjé
Marketing Manager: SANEA

Cell:+27 (0)83-325-6716

Action For Energy
Thursday, 23 February 2017, 07:30 - 15:30
A SANEA Initiative

Dear SANEA Stakeholder

Open Dialogue on the Primary Energy Mix for Electricity Supply in South Africa

In the future the sector could have a greater variety of energy sources and generation technologies and a higher proportion of variable sources. This evolution will require new approaches to development, energy dispatch and demand planning, operation and maintenance of transmission and distribution networks. A fresh approach to risk management and economic performance evaluation may also be required to take full advantage of these innovations.

This Action for Energy Forum will use an interactive and stimulating process of discussion between delegates and experts to explore
- the future energy mix for power generation
- the implications for transmission and distribution systems
- the implications for risk management and economic performance and evaluation

A report on the insights gained will be distributed after the event.

An array of sector Thought Leaders will lead the discussion.

Now, more than ever, South Africa, and indeed the world, needs well-informed, proactive and inspirational leadership on energy matters.

Building on the success of previous Action for Energy events, this one seeks to stimulate dialogue, exchange ideas and catalyse action on critical issues relating to the Energy Mix.

I am personally encouraging you, leaders and potential leaders, to take advantage of this initiative.

Please join us - Register now!

Yours faithfully

Brian A Statham

The South African electricity supply system's primary energy mix has been heavily dependent on fossil fuels for almost a century.

Is it now time to re-boot the system and install "Energy Mix 2.0"?

In posing this question, this discussion forum will seek to refresh thinking about an appropriate energy mix in a context of new realities.

Energy industry thought leaders, electricity industry experts, and policy-makers.
Audience Questions
There are many conferences and seminars currently underway, why should I spend money to attend this?

The SANEA Action for Energy event is unique in that it is not a seminar or exhibition. This important event is owned and organised by SANEA who has as its aims to stimulate original thought and catalyse transformation of the Energy Sector.

The main aim of the event is to facilitate debate and discussion with particular focus on the potential for fundamental shift in the primary energy mix of the electricity supply industry.

Why a debate centred on potential shifts in the primary energy mix?

South Africa is at a point where important decisions need to be made about the future installed capacity of the electricity supply industry. There are some in the country who are of the opinion that we may already have too much capacity. There are others that believe the opposite. What most agree on is that energy supply must precede demand in order to stimulate growth. Equally important are economic cost efficiency and grid dispatch efficiency, enhanced by an optimal supply demand balance. Given the need to stimulate growth in the light of an uncertain demand environment, the opportunity to use lower incremental supply growth at lower capital cost is worthy of exploring and understanding.

We also need to consider South Africa's commitment to deliver energy access to all its people and energy security for both suppliers and consumers. We need to do this in a way that is responsible and in line with our commitments and obligations to ensure a sustainable future.

The historical model of large coal-fired and nuclear power stations may not necessarily be appropriate for South Africa over the next 20 - 30 years. Already wind and solar power are playing an increasing role in generation [via the renewable energy IPP procurement programme] and many large consumers have already installed, or are considering, own generation and co-generation options.

Consumers too have to prepare themselves for this new world and make important decisions on how to position their businesses so as to extract full advantage from the new structures and systems. Regulators and other government bodies [national, provincial and local] will face many decisions as they work to ensure equity for all parties in this dynamic future. The difficulties of managing the interconnected grid with such diverse interfaces will be huge.

And all the above is without even considering the advent of off-grid and micro-grid energy solutions for those who currently have no, or limited, access to reliable and affordable electricity supply.

Decision made over the next few months and years will set the framework for our future electricity supply systems. This is the time for bold and innovative ideas to be presented and debated so that we collectively ensure that the future electricity supply systems enable a prosperous South Africa.

Where and when is it happening?

Sandton Convention Centre, 23 February 2017

How much does it cost to attend?

For SANEA members: R2 750, including all refreshments during the day

For non-SANEA members: R3 500, including all refreshments during the day

Who else will be there?

We have invited key stakeholders in the industry, including Government representatives, and Industry relevant media.

What will happen with the outcomes of this session?

A report on the insights gained will be distributed after the event.

Will I be quoted by the media?

SANEA has excellent relations with the media and we will also invite media representatives in the industry, such as Creamer Media, EE Publishers, etc. to attend. SANEA will handle all media liaison, such as statements, enquiries, interviews, etc.

I am interested. What are the next steps?

We will add you to our invitation list and a formal invite will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

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