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SANEA Energy Awards 2013 - Award Winners & Commendations


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This award is for a specific project or other defined activity (by an individual or a corporate) that has either made a significant contribution to the South African Energy environment or that has brought international credibility for South Africa:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Role model
  • Visionary qualities
  • International recognition
  • Contribution has had impact in South Africa
KayaGas (Pty) Ltd - Recipient of the Award

Representative: George Tatham, Managing Director, KayaGas (Pty) Ltd

Brian A Statham & George Tatham
Brian A Statham & George Tatham
The company has overcome many problems in getting clean, safe and affordably energy to the lowest income homes. Specifically, it has:

  1. Set up a system for distribution 5kg cylinders of LP gas to homes in informal settlements, such that householders do not have to travel more than 500m to obtain LP gas supplies.
  2. Developed a cylinder with a pressure relief valve such that it will not explode if involved in a fire; this modification has now been incorporated in SANS 199.
  3. Brought to the market a range of high-quality appliances at a cost approximately half that of the appliances originally on offer from major stores.
Users are now able to source sufficient fuel for at least one-month's needs at a price significantly below that of the equivalent paraffin cost to cook. Over 150 000 low-income homes in Cape Town now enjoy a clean, safe fuel for cooking and heating at a lower cost than any alternative. This has also saved at least 40MW on peak electricity demand in the city.

University of Johannesburg, Solar Car Project - Highly Commended

Representatives: Nickey N Janse van Rensburg, Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment and Warren Hurter of the University of Johannesburg

Brian A Statham, Nickey N Janse van Rensburg and Warren Hurter
Brian A Statham, Nickey N Janse van Rensburg and Warren Hurter
The Solar Car Project at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) promotes the development of sustainable engineering design, efficient energy use, environmental awareness and innovation. Students design and build solar powered vehicles with the goal of crossing the South African countryside in the South African Solar Challenge, an event that attracts top teams from around the world to compete across 5000 km in harsh local conditions.

The project is, however, so much more than that. It serves as a platform to promote SET as an exciting career choice, with the primary purpose delivering engineering graduates who are well equipped to deal with the many challenges in energy innovation.

The UJ Solar Project also provides an opportunity for industry to collaborate with UJ and includes a network of 22 partners representing government, big business and SMMEs.


This award is made for a lecture, presentation, technical paper, article or other educational activity which serves to further the understanding of energy and its role in sustaining human endeavours:

  • Objective
  • Informative
  • Original or a comprehensive review
  • Educational
  • Topical

Eskom WESSA Energy & Sustainability Programme - Recipient of the Award

Representative: Avril Wilkinson, WESSA Energy Programme Manager & National Manager: ESKOM/WESSA Energy and Sustainability Programme

Brian A Statham & Avril Wilkinson
Brian A Statham & Avril Wilkinson
The Eskom WESSA Energy and Sustainability Programme (E&S) is a school-to-community energy education programme and has demonstrated, over 16 years, what can be achieved through sound Corporate/NGO partnerships.

The programme delivers at-school intervention of energy projects, and accredited environmental education courses which assist educators to become more confident with energy education in the classroom.

One of the best E&S programme role model support initiatives is with renewable energy in rural villages - coined the "Rural Sustainable Villages of the Chris Hani District Municipality" - this initiative combines the foresight of a district municipality and the support of the E&S programme to demonstrate sustainable service delivery through applications of biogas installations and capacity development.


This award is for special efforts within the field of journalism to promote greater understanding of energy and its role in sustaining human endeavours:

  • Objectivity
  • Consistency
  • Engaged in Energy Matters
  • Well Informed

Antonio Ruffini, ESI Africa - Recipient of the Award (in absence)

Antonio Ruffini
Antonio Ruffini
During 2011, Antonio became the full time Editor of the ESI Africa Journal and its companion website ESI-Africa.com. Under his direction and philosophy the Journal, ESI Africa, has grown to cover the whole electricity supply chain from multiple energy sources through generation, transmission and distribution.

In addition to the Journal, on a daily basis Antonio sources relevant material from the web and selects articles for posting as daily news on the ESI-Africa website.

Antonio's focus on objectivity and consistency are features of his work and are supported by his on-going engagement in Energy matters.

Marlene van Rooyen, 25 Degrees in Africa - Recipient of the Award

Marlene van Rooyen & Brian A Statham
Marlene van Rooyen & Brian A Statham
Marlene van Rooyen established 25 in Africa in August 2006.

She has championed the dissemination of free information on energy related issues not only in the print publication, but also through online media, the digital magazine and social media, bringing together key players in the energy and environmental fields, solution seekers and solution providers, the development and manufacture of technologies, policy awareness and providing a platform for information on the funding of projects.

Marlene is actively involved in connecting people, projects and funding in the energy arena, using her well-honed talent for recognising complementary solutions, to bring people together in her network and identify opportunities for business cross pollination for the betterment of the industry.


Awarded for the outstanding and sustained contribution to the enhancement of the South African Energy environment through their vision and leadership of the IPP Renewable Energy Programme:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Role model
  • Visionary qualities
  • International recognition
  • Contribution has had impact in South Africa

Department of Energy - Recipient of the Award

Representative: Philip Goyns, Department of Energy

Philip Goyns & Brian A Statham
Philip Goyns & Brian A Statham
2012/2013 has been a unique year in South Africa in the Energy field given the success of Phase 1 and 2 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement programme (REIPPPP). There were several nominees in this area in the Project category, but the adjudication panel felt that all the nominees were players in the REIPPPP but not the primary drivers or critical agents.

Rather than allowing the 1st and 2nd phases of the REIPPPP to pass without any acknowledgement of the success, the SANEA Board is pleased to present a Special Recognition Award to the Department of Energy as the representative of all those involved in making the programme the success it has been so far.


Awarded to an individual for special efforts within SANEA towards the functioning of the Association:

  • Loyalty
  • Initiative
  • Commitment
  • Dedication

Carrol James, Sasol - Recipient of the Award

Carrol James & Brian A Statham
Carrol James & Brian A Statham
SANEA is very fortunate to be able to access the Auditorium at Sasol in Rosebank for its monthly technical meetings in Johannesburg. For the last 6 years, the continued smooth running of these events is largely thanks to the input and support from Carrol, the key person to ensure that everything on the Sasol side has worked well.

She has done this in her own time and at no cost to the Association, due to her loyalty and support for SANEA.

As a result the SANEA Board is delighted to agree to grant Carrol a SANEA Service Award.



This exciting award recognises the contribution of young upcoming researchers to renewable energy research in South Africa:

  • Merit
  • Innovation
  • Novelty
  • Applicability

Johan Kotze, PhD Student at the University of Stellenbosch - Recipient of the Award

From left to right: Kevin Nassiep, CEO of SANEDI, Johan, Dr Thembakazi Mali of SANEDI and Dr Karen Surridge-Talbot of RECORD / SANEDI.
Johan Kotze is a final year PhD student. He proposed a concept for concentrating solar power that in part comes out of the next generation nuclear power technology. Johan took this proposal from a concept to a CSP system thermodynamic cycle and in the process has uncovered a number of solutions to existing pinch points in the central receiver power plant.

Johan has published in the Solar Energy Engineering Journal of the ASME and has presented multiple times internationally on the concept. His was the only paper addressing this topic at SolarPACES 2011 and by 2012, several consortiums from Germany and USA were presenting on similar work at SolarPACEs 2012.


This exciting award recognises the contribution of novel commercially viable renewable energy research in South Africa:

  • Merit
  • Innovation
  • Novelty
  • Applicability

ChargeMaestro-SA - Recipient of the Award

Representatives: Lindo Makhaye and Sizwe Mchunu of ChargeMaestro-SA

From left to right: Kevin Nassiep, CEO of SANEDI, Lindo, Dr Thembakazi Mali of SANEDI, Sizwe and Dr Karen Surridge-Talbot of RECORD / SANEDI.
ChargeMaestro-SA is a pioneering company, focusing on delivering electric vehicle [EV] charging points solutions aimed at servicing numerous industries, from mining, retail, supply chain and security as well homes. ChargeMaestro-SA addresses the public's concerns and reservations with EV's by providing a dynamic EV charging solution to the public needs in this specialist arena and has vision, technical competence, strong leadership and a new approach to technology solutions (regarding open source, end-device visibility / management and customization).

They have strategically partnered with SANEDI (South African National Energy Development Institute) as well as international leaders in EV charging technology advancement. They will be working with all automobile associations and transport associations in promoting the EVs advantages.

Home-Grown Business Integrations - Highly Commended (in absence)

Representative: Thaisi Shale of Home-Grown Business Integrations

Home-Grown Business Integrations (Pty) Ltd, a Microsoft Equity Equivalent Investment company and Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, is a firm founded in 2003 with the main purpose to develop innovative solutions specifically for the Energy sector. To date the company has developed the most innovative smart-grid management solution to solve utility management challenges currently experienced in the South African municipalities. Not only will this solve challenges faced at Energy distributor level, Home-Grown also built the solution that will enable South Africans to efficiently manage their energy spend and consumption through their mobile devices. This innovative and important solution is sure to take the South African Energy industry to new heights, and energy efficiencies throughout the eco-system even across borders of the country.


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