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SANEA Energy Awards 2012 - Award Winners & Commendations


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Prof Anton Eberhard
Mike Rossouw
Alderman Belinda Walker
Sarah Ward
Prof Anton Eberhard
National Planning Commission
Mike Rossouw
Energy Intensive User Group
Alderman Belinda Walker
City of Cape Town
Sarah Ward
City of Cape Town
Dr John Ledger
Peter Brown
Frans Dekker
Lise Pretorius
Dr John Ledger
University of Johannesburg
Peter Brown
Frans Dekker
Lise Pretorius
Financial Mail


Prof Anton Eberhard, National Planning Commission (NPC) - AWARD

Prof Anton Eberhard & Brian A Statham
Although Prof Anton Eberhard will be well known in academic circles for his scholastic contribution to the Energy Sector in South Africa, it is for his role as one of the Commissioners on the National Planning Commission (NPC) that he has been being nominated for the SANEA Energy Award.

Prof Eberhard was nominated to the NPC to bring his knowledge of the South African Energy Sector to bear in developing the National Development Plan (NDP). As can be seen in the NDP, a balanced role for the various aspects of the Energy Sector has been proposed, bearing in mind the environmental impact each aspect brings to bear. The result is a plan that includes a solid foundation to move South Africa to a sustainable future. This was mainly the result of input by Prof Eberhard in the NPC through the application and input from his knowledge and understanding of the South African Energy Sector.

Mike Rossouw, Energy Intensive User Group (EIUG) - AWARD

Mike Rossouw & Brian A Statham
Mike's commitment to South Africa was very evident when in 2008 he played a major role in the task forces appointed to manage the crisis in electricity supply and his passionate appeal to all affected parties to work together towards a workable solution did much to defuse the ineffective "blame-game" that was prevalent at the time.

It is in this EIUG role and his participation in other committees and task forces that his leadership, energy and visionary qualities have demonstrated themselves. On many important issues such as the negative impact on the competitiveness of the South African Mining Industry of rapidly increasing power prices and the indiscriminate implementation of a Carbon tax, Mike has challenged the Regulator, Eskom and National Treasury. In his challenges Mike has not been one sided but has tried to consider all aspects of the issues at hand. However, he has always pushed hard for his constituency. In this he has been an excellent role model and has provided innovative and alternate ways of considering the challenges. In this way Mike has made a significant impact in the South African Energy Sector.


City of Cape Town - AWARD

Alderman Belinda Walker, Brian A Statham & Sarah Ward

The City of Cape Town, spurred on by its Energy and Climate Change Unit, has demonstrated its leadership, innovation and visionary qualities through its various campaigns and projects designed to ensure the responsible use of energy. This leadership at local government level demonstrates what can be achieved.

The electricity savings campaign targets residential and commercial consumers, aiming to reduce consumption through a wide range of behaviour-change actions. Through electronic resources, posters, publications, exhibitions and events, the campaign shares guidelines, information about energy technologies, and tips on electricity saving, to reach the widest possible audience.

The various elements of the Electricity Savings Campaign include an Energy Efficiency Forum for Commercial Building Owners, a Solar Water Heater Scheme, an Electricity Savings Website, and Youth Environmental School (YES) Programme with an electricity savings component.

Through its own building retrofit program the City demonstrated accountability. The project included a preliminary audit of 16 large administrative buildings and a detailed audit and the retrofit of four of these. The project has been completed. Results indicate a seven-year payback period and 22% savings. Technology retrofits implemented include installation of high-efficiency luminaires, control of air-conditioner operating hours, solar water heater installations, thermostat control, and power factor corrections.

This project was the first performance contract successfully implemented by a municipality in South Africa. Accordingly, this pioneering project can stimulate performance contracting across municipalities, with much anticipated benefits.

Furthermore the City of Cape Town has implemented a Traffic and Street Lighting Retrofit Program. Substantial electricity savings has been made by replacing incandescent traffic lights with light emitted diodes (LEDs). Since the implementation of this project in 2010, a total of 36 999 LED's were installed, 8 144 MWh/annum of electricity was saved and 8115 tCO2 emissions avoided. To date, 87% of all City traffic lights have been completely retrofitted. The City of Cape Town will be the first City to have completely retrofitted all its traffic lights to LEDs.


Dr John Ledger, University of Johannesburg - HIGHLY COMMENDED

Dr John Ledger & Brian A Statham
Dr John Ledger has been nominated by one of his students for being an inspirational educator in the classroom and for extending his influence to mentoring the student in his business life, thereby ensuring that a significant renewable energy project was successfully motivated and implemented.

John Ledger is an Associate Professor and holds a 70% position in Energy Studies at the University of Johannesburg, as well as a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, lecturing an MSc course in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He is Chairperson of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA) and Board Member of EnerKey. He holds a Non-Executive Directorship position at the Johannesburg Zoo, is a member of the Panel of Environmental Experts for the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, and sits on the Advisory Board of the Mazda Wildlife Fund. He is the editor of the new joint NGO publication called Environment; People and Conservation in Africa. He is also editor of EWT's Vision annual publication.

South African Institute for Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) - AWARD
Represented by Peter Brown & Frans Dekker

Peter Brown, Brian A Statham & Frans Dekker
The South African Institute for Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) was formed some 25 years ago to promote and develop recognition of Architectural Technologists as professionals.

SANS 10400 XA in its current form and SANS 204 are National Building Regulations for the Sustainability of Energy Resources and the provision of Energy Efficient Buildings, be it electricity, water or other scarce resources. SAIAT, under the leadership of Peter Brown, recognised the lack of existing knowledge of both this and other Regulations within the profession and the impact it would have on the sustainability of the country's scarce resources and undertook to bring its importance home to as many Built Professionals as possible through 2-day interactive workshops developed by SAIAT.

In 2010 over 2000 professionals, ranging from Architectural Candidates through Draughtspersons, Technologists and Architects attended the SAIAT workshops and gained a greater understanding of the needs of sustainability in all aspects their profession and almost 800 Local Authority personnel were also trained in Energy Efficiency. The SAIAT training continued throughout 2011 and 2012 with over 3 000 delegates having attended workshops by the time SANS 10400 XA was promulgated in November 2011, and a further 1 000 being trained by June 2012.

Over the last four years the SAIAT, and more specifically Peter Brown and Frans Dekker have dedicated their working lives and travelled the length and breadth of the country from Musina to Lamberts Bay to ensure that professionals and the general public are made aware of the importance of Energy Efficiency, and their dedication and passion to this certainly warrants recognition of the mammoth task undertaken to educate the South African Built Environment Professionals.


Lise Pretorius, Financial Mail - AWARD

Lise Pretorius & Brian A Statham
Lise graduated from UCT at the end of 2009 with honours in Economics. Since August 2010 she has been the energy writer at Financial Mail, and has written numerous cover stories on energy matters for the publication including on electricity, gas, oil, nuclear, and the liquid fuels market.

Lise's work is well researched and she is passionate about delivering an objective view that will enable readers to make informed judgment on the issues.

The readership of the Financial Mail includes a wide range of decision makers and the majority of these are not necessarily well versed in energy matters. Lise's clear logic and lucid style makes her particularly effective in advancing the understanding of energy matters in South Africa and her influence extends way beyond the leaders within the South African Energy Sector.

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